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Grievance Process

The Board of Director meetings are scheduled on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. and are held in the main building of the school. Meeting notices are posted at least 48 hours prior to the meeting and the full meeting schedule is posted on-line as a reminder for those interested in attending. The Board of Directors is made up of parents and community members who care about the school and about the education of our young children. Currently the Parent positions on the Board are filled, however we welcome your participation and attendance at all meetings.


A Student/Parent-Comment/Complaint Form and Public Comment Request Form are below for those of you needing to voice a concern, file a complaint or asking to have an item placed on the Board Meeting Agenda. Agenda requests must be to the Principal by 12:00 noon on the date of the meeting or they will be placed on the agenda for the following month’s meeting.


As you might expect, it is always best to address your concerns directly with the teachers first and then if your problem is not resolved, schedule a meeting with the Principal. If you still are not satisfied, the next step would be to address the Board of Directors. The Public Comment Request Form is the best way in which you may do this. The Principal’s door is open to you as parent responses are the best gauge as to how things are going. Teacher or Assistant Parent complaints should be given to the Principal.  Complaints regarding the Principal should be addressed to the Executive Director and placed in a sealed envelope and given to the school office.


We value your participation in the education of your children and hope you will at least visit a Board meeting to see what we do behind the scenes.