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Cellular Neurophysiologist Wows STEAM Students at Western Academy Charter School

Cellular Neurophysiologist Wows STEAM Students at 
Western Academy Charter School    
Royal Palm Beach, FL- Eager Middle School STEAM students at Western Academy Charter  School welcomed cellular neurophysiologist Matthew Rowan into their Science classroom last  week.  His visit was part of the school’s new STEAM program. Dr. Rowan, a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Max Planck, has a Ph.D. in Integrative Biology and Neuroscience and a B.S. in Biology/Biochemistry, and boasts an astounding professional resume. He shared his personal educational and career choices, and possible trajectories that the students should consider in pursuit of their own career goals.
“His presentation brought real-world knowledge and experience to the students, as they learned about cutting-edge research and advanced techniques, including brain imaging and the latest neuronal signaling discoveries," said Kim Stryker, the STEAM Science Teacher.  "Dr. Rowan’s cutting edge discoveries really impressed the students.  They were able to see an example of axonal voltage imaging in a neuron, a signal which Dr. Rowan was one of the first to ever see.  With this better understanding of signaling in neural circuits scientists will have a better understanding of neurological disorders." 
Scientists such as Dr. Rowan often inspire and motivate students to choose careers in Science, Math and Engineering fields. While Dr. Rowan gave students a realistic look at scientific research as a career, he also explained various pathways and educational routes that could lead them to obtaining a job in the field of science.  He explained the importance of obtaining experience through student internships, having good technology skills, using creativity and good communication skills, along with an excellent math and science resume.  These strategies are not what students may have otherwise considered a necessary part of a scientist’s portfolio.
The STEAM program at Western Academy Charter School incorporates all of the components of STEM Education, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as, an Art component into the curriculum.   Seeking out and including top level professionals from a variety of disciplines is an important part of the program.
For more information about Western Academy Charter School and the STEAM program, call 561-792-4123 or visit www.westernacademycharter.com
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