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The Federal Department Of Education cut the Capital Outlay funding in half this year! Capital outlay funding is critical to Florida’s public charter schools because unlike district schools that have access to Capital Millage funding for facilities costs, charter schools must cover the costs of their initial facilities out of their per pupil operating funds.  The Capital Outlay funding is used for facilities rental and maintenance.  We are urging ALL parents and students to write a letter to a legislator or lawmaker requesting that the Capital Outlay funding be restored to the 2014/2015 level during the next budget. This money is crucially needed to pay for our facilities and maintenance.

In a recent letter from Robert Haag, president and CEO of the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools, to Charter School leaders he wrote:  "Over the past few years, the funding charter schools in Florida receive has declined. The funding gap between what students at a district school and charter school get is widening. The diminishing funds impact your students directly, and compromise your ability to serve them. During the 2015 legislative session, charter school capital outlay was reduced by 50 percent. This was an incredible set back for charter schools. The threat of reduced funding will continue unless; we all work together to educate legislators about the great work charter schools do, how much communities and children depend on our schools for a quality education, and how diminishing the funds allocated to charter schools has a negative impact on the children we serve. Now more than ever we have to speak up for children and schools, and you have to get involved."

Through advocacy, YOU have the power to make a difference!  Please help spread the word of the GREAT work charter schools do everyday.

Students, parents and teachers are encouraged to write a letter to a legislator or lawmaker telling what it means to be part of a charter school. Students can write about their success as a charter school student.  Parents can write telling why they chose a charter over other district schools.  Please see the attached Advocacy Tool Kit for some additional suggested talking points.

The legislative session is in spring, however delegation meetings begin in October.  Please take action as soon as possible in order to be heard by legislators and lawmakers before session begins.  

To locate appropriate legislators:
-  click on the "Parent" tab
-  click on the Legislator Lookup link 
-  here you can enter the school's address and/or your home address to locate the appropriate legislative officials

Please lend your voice to support Western Academy Charter School!
~ Heather Belanger
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