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WACS Behavioral Expectations

Our teachers and staff are committed to creating a school environment that not only supports academic learning but also promotes students’ personal and social development.  At Western Academy we use Positive Behavior Support (PBS) as a tool for teaching students appropriate behavior at school.  Within this framework, teachers and staff use a system of rewards and consequences to manage student behavior.  To encourage appropriate behavior and recognize students that demonstrate STOMP qualities, students are rewarded through the use of school-wide, classroom, and individual incentives.  On the contrary, teachers and staff may implement a variety of consequences such as time-out, loss of privileges, reflective assignments, or after-school detentions, to discourage inappropriate behavior.


To help students remember our universal guidelines, we use the acronym STOMP which stands for Safety, Trustworthiness, Ownership, Motivation, and Positivity.  STOMP behavior is encouraged daily by teachers and staff in all school settings.


Safety                  Take care of Self, Others, School

Trustworthy       Be honest and true to yourself and others

Ownership         Be an active learner and take responsibility for your actions and words

Motivation         Do your personal best, demonstrate perseverance and commitment

Positivity            Be kind and courteous, be a team player and support the best in all


Please take this opportunity to talk to your child about the behavioral expectations at school and the importance of continuing to demonstrate STOMP behaviors.  With your continued support and involvement, Western Academy Charter School will remain a top-rated school where students can excel.