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    Recent News

    2021-2022 Student COVID-19 Protocols

    On 7/15/21, the Board of Directors has adopted the following revisions (in blue) to the Student COVID-19 Policy. The policy is attached for your reference.

    2021-2021 Kindergarten Staggered Starts

    To make the transition to a new school easier, we will be having a Kindergarten staggered start. Your child should only start school on the day they are scheduled. If your child's last name starts with the letters A-J, they will start school on Tuesday, August 10th. If your child's last name starts with the letters K-Z, they will start school on Wednesday, August 11th. On Thursday, August 12th, ALL Kindergarten students will attend together. We would like Kindergarten parents to be able to walk their child to class but also need to practice social distancing as much as possible. Therefore, we will allow Kindergarten parents to walk their child into the building and to their classroom door until Thursday, August 12th. After that date, all students must either be dropped off through the car line for breakfast at 7:30 am OR dropped off in the K/1/2 car loop at the classroom doors starting at 7:45 am. Walking students to class will not be allowed after Thursday, August 12th. We are excited about the start of the school year and look forward to you joining our Western Academy family!

    Summer Reading (Middle School Students)

    In order to promote continuity of literacy skills year-round, all students entering sixth, seventh, and eighth grade are required to participate in summer reading. Students will be expected to read a novel of their choice from the provided Sunshine State Readers book list (see attached list). Although you will not have projects or written assignments to complete during the break, be prepared to engage in class discussions, complete novel activities, and take a novel assessment based on the book during the first week of school. All of these novels are available at your local library, but we encourage you to purchase your own copy. Have a pen, highlighter, and stick notes on hand. Annotate and take notes in the margins. Highlight a quote that you love. Put your literacy skills into practice, just as we will be doing throughout the school year. In addition, this summer reading novel will be your first entry into our 2021-2022 gradebook. More information about quiz dates will be sent home during the first week of school. Until then, Happy Reading!