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WACS is the Proud Parent of Rosie, a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle

Western Academy Charter School is the proud parent of Rosie, a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle currently receiving care at Loggerhead Marinelife Center. She was found in the St. Lucie River by boaters on January 2, 2017 and weighed 55.8 pounds. She ingested fishing line and they will be monitoring the passing of the line closely.

Western Academy Charter won the turtle by participating in a contest of collecting candy wrappers.
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WACS Zooms their way to the Finish Line

Teams of middle school students at Western Academy Charter School (WACS) got to ride and race Infento bikes they designed and built themselves as part of a brand-new ‘maker’ education program developed by Green Mouse Academy.

Infento, (both the name of the company and the maker kits) has produced a concept similar to LEGO®, but life-size. The name Infento comes from two Latin words meaning ‘infinite’ and ‘to make’. This combination is exactly what Infento is all about – to infinitely make and invent.

Partnering with Infento, Green Mouse Academy has developed and launched a brand new S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enrichment education experience which they are piloting with schools and afterschool groups throughout Palm Beach County. Over an eight-week period, students form teams and then work together to come up with a bike design they then build using modular parts from the Infento kit. Students then get to test the ride they’ve created on a track of their own design.

“We are tremendously excited to be piloting this program with Western Academy Charter School,” said Shane Vander Kooi, President and Founder of Green Mouse Academy. In order to develop a talented and educated 21st century workforce, we need to do more to inspire and engage kids early by giving them more opportunities to explore, invent and create in both formal and informal education settings.”

“Being the first students in the United States to pilot this bike design program is a great opportunity for our aftercare students, says Principal Linda Terranova. The STEM theme fits right along with our middle school STEAM Academy and makes for a great tie in to our school day program.”
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WACS Celebrates America Recycles Day

Western Academy Charter School (WACS) hosted a recycling event in honor of America Recycles Day- a program of Keep America Beautiful and nationally celebrated on November 15.

Families of WACS were encouraged to bring in ink toners, cartridges, and cell phones, some of the school’s fundraising items. Candy wrappers were also collected to support Loggerhead Marine Center’s Adopt-A-Turtle Contest and bottle caps are being saved for art students to sort for a mural that will be made by the students and displayed on the school grounds. Students were allowed a free dress-down day on National Recycle Day as long as they wore green.

Western Academy is a 2017 Green School of Excellence.
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WACS Wins A Sea Turtle In Candy Wrapper Collection

As part of WACS Go Green initiatives, the school participated in a Candy Wrapper Collection from mid-October through the end of November as part of a school contest by Loggerhead Marine Center.

The school collected 34.66 lbs. of candy wrappers and is one of the top 3 schools in the contest held by Loggerhead Marine Center. "I am thankful to all of our parents, students, staff and teachers for collecting the wrappers and packaging. We are teaching our students about Green initiatives and are proud of their efforts and environmental stewardship. We are very excited to have our own sea turtle." says Principal Linda Terranova.

Loggerhead Marine Center partnered with TerraCycle and sent all candy wrappers and packaging collected to be re-purposed into new supplies.
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Florida School of Excellence

This designation is given by the Florida Department of Education for schools in the top 80th percentile in the state based on state scores for 2 out of 3 years. WACS scored more than 80th percentile for all 3 years. For 16/17 we scored in the 97th percentile for our K-8 Combination school group.
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National Junior Honor Society Helps Victim of Hurricane Harvey

The National Junior Honor Society at Western Academy Charter School (WACS) in Royal Palm Beach recently collected $1,300 in change to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.
This collection was especially meaningful as $600 of the funds raised went directly to the family of a second-grader currently attending WACS. The family lost their home in Houston, TX and had to be rescued by boat when five-foot flood waters took over. Harvey’s destruction took everything from the family except the clothes on their backs.
The remaining $700 collected was donated to The Humane Society of the United States' Disaster Relief Fund which rescued animals abandoned or stuck in the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey.
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RANKED #6 IN ALL of Palm Beach County Public Schools

Western Academy Charter Schools Rankings:
#1 Charter School In Palm Beach County
#1 School in the Western Communities
#1 Non-Magnet School in Palm Beach County
#1 K-8th grade school in Palm Beach County
#3 Middle School in Science
This is based on 2016/2017 ELA & Math FSA Scores - Out of 207 Total PBC Public Schools.
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