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K-5 Innovative CLASS Model

Clusters, Looping and Stallion Stations


  • Clusters
    • Three content area teachers 
    • 90 minutes in each content area
    • Teachers are masters of their craft
  • Looping
    • Students loop in the same cluster for three years
    • Keeping the same teachers for multiple years 
    • Building deeper relationships and strong understanding of each students' need
  •  Stallion Stations
    • Differentiated, multi-sensory, focus on multiple intelligences, rigor and high standards
    • Technology, Textbook, Construction, Challenge, Teacher, Exploration


The Innovative Class Model is an exciting new program for our elementary school students that focuses on three key elements: Clusters, Looping, and Stallion Stations. In this model, clusters are comprised of three content area experts who deliver engaging instruction. Looping refers to the practice of keeping the same teacher with a group of students for multiple years, allowing for deeper relationships and a better understanding of each student's needs. Finally, Stallion Stations are designated areas where students can work independently or in small groups on hands-on, multisensory activities that align with their interests. This model is grounded in research-based strategies for student achievement. This innovative approach to education encourages creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, and is sure to inspire a love of learning in all students who participate. 

CLASS in Action