Programs » Middle School: STEAM Academy (6-8)

Middle School: STEAM Academy (6-8)

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM Academy)


Description of Program

STEM education is the preparation of students in competencies and skills in the four disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). STEAM brings the Arts into these areas to foster creativity, ingenuity, and innovation; innovation that is necessary for creating new jobs and industries in the future.  Adding Arts to the STEM framework enables this generation to create our future, not just exist in it.  STEAM creates 21st century learners, explorers and inventors.


Our STEAM Academy will take students who are interested in and excited about Math, Technology, and Science and further develop their skills and talents. The learning environment will make these students wonder why and then set out to find the answers.


Students will be instructed through a blend of a traditional and Project Based Learning Model wherein students are immersed in learning through experiential environments. Students will receive instruction but will also be learning through the STEAM modules and projects allowing for real learning through inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving. The learning experience will be authentic and integrate into real-life.


Technology is used by the students daily as an integral part of the innovative learning experience. It is not used just for learning content but also as a catalyst for digital literacy. The use of student laptops and SMART boards will provide students and teachers the opportunities to explore sites and information throughout the state and country via video streaming and interactive environments. The use of classroom response systems (clicker technology) will be utilized to enhance instruction. Innovative technology instruction will enable global activities in real time for students. 


The STEAM Academy will integrate subject matter, provide “hands-on” experiential learning, include guest speakers, and incorporate engaging field experiences.  Learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will be fun and the Arts will heighten creative thinking and enhance learning.


STEAM Academy Courses:

  • Advanced level core content classes - Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies. Algebra I Honors and Geometry I will be offered for high school credit.
  • There are two enrichment classes each day including Computer Technology, Animation, Virtual Simulation, Engineering, Robotics, 2D/3D, Design, PE, Music, and Art
Extracurricular activities include several clubs, intramural sports, Chorus, and National Junior Honor Society.


Criteria for Eligibility

  1.       Must live in Palm Beach County
  2.       Required GPA 3.2 or higher and proficient in all core content areas  OR
  3.       Standard based reporting of “Proficient” and/or  “Exceeding” in all academic areas per trimester.   (based on 5th Grade 1st and 2nd trimester report cards).  Student coming from a Gifted Program will only need all 'Proficients" in all academic areas.
  4.       Required FAST scores of a Level 3, 4 or 5 in Math, ELA and FCAT Science (based on most recent scores). Standardized Assessment Score (SAS) may also be used if FSA or FCAT is not available
  5.       Student must meet the STEAM Academy Code of Conduct and be approved by Administration.
  6.       Current Western Academy students who apply and meet STEAM Academy enrollment criteria will be given priority registration.
Additional items needed with application if not currently enrolled in Palm Beach County School District, student must include the following information with their application:
  •  Report Card
  •  FAST, FCAT or a Standardized Assessment Score (SAS)