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Dress Code

Students are expected to dress for school and school activities in a way that contributes to their health and safety, promotes a positive school learning environment and does not disrupt the activities and events and of the school.


School Uniforms

The Board of Directors finds that school uniforms are necessary for the safety and welfare of students and school personnel.  Therefore, Western Academy Charter School has adopted the SAFE (Students Attired for Education) Policy effective July 1, 2016.  Uniforms promote an environment that enhances learning and safety; encourages the expression of individuality through personality and achievements; not outward appearances, and creates a sense of school pride and belonging.


List of Acceptable Clothing



  • Polo-style, collared shirts (long or short sleeve) of solid white, navy royal blue, light blue, forest green color or black.
  • Sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts over the polo shirts are allowed. Heavier jackets are acceptable on cold winter days.
  • No displaying of midriffs or bare shoulders.
  • Tops must come to below waist band of bottoms when arms are raised over their heads.
  • Under shirts are allowed however, the polo shirt must be buttoned up in the front.
  • Hoodies are acceptable however you must have a dress code collared shirt underneath.


ALLOWABLE BOTTOMS (cannot be shorter than 3” above the knee)

  • Solid khaki (tan), black or navy docker style shorts, pants or slacks that have concealed pockets at the top waist area only.
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers cannot be shorter than 3 inches above knee.
  • Capri pants
  • Black, navy blue or khaki leggings may be worn underneath uniform skirts.  Leggings may not be worn on their own.




Unacceptable clothing

  • No jean or jean look a-like pants are allowed. These types of pants regardless of the fabric will not be acceptable.
  • No clothing that is torn, has holes or is frayed. This includes ripped jeans or torn clothing whether intentional or otherwise.
  • Clothing that is form fitting. No skinny pants, jeans, leggings or body hugging bottoms are allowed ever, including dress down days.
  • No cargo or carpenter pants/shorts. This includes pockets of any size that are down the outside leg of the pants or shorts.
  • Students may not wear baggy/saggy pants.
  • No visible undergarments, sleepwear, clothing that is sheer or clothing that exposes body parts in an indecent manner.
  • No spaghetti or tank tops allowed even on dress down days.
  • No tutus or other type costume clothing allowed except on school theme days.
  • No hats, head gear (which includes head socks or beanies), costume type headbands, large or x-large bows, bandanas or jacket hoods are allowed to be worn on the head.
  • No high heels, platforms, flip flops, sandals or wheeled shoes.
  • No inappropriate sayings or logos will be allowed on clothing.


Additional Information

  • Socks must be worn and should be visible. Footie socks are allowed as long as they are socks and not nylon pantyhose type.
  • Shoes must be enclosed front and back, preferably sneakers. Be sure you will be able to wear socks with any shoe you purchase.
  • Sneakers/athletic shoes are required for PE. No boots will be allowed for PE.
  • Body piercing, other than ears, is NOT permitted.
  • Hair style must be an appropriate length, style and color as not to interfere with learning.
  • $1 Dress Down Spirit Days are on Friday only. Students may wear any WACS spirit shirt with jeans (no rips, tears, holes).
  • Field Trips - Students must wear their green spirit day shirts with dress code bottoms.
  • Exceptions to the above stated rules may be granted for special programs, theme days, or trips. Teachers will notify parents prior to special events.


Exceptions to the uniform dress code shall be permitted when:

  • A student’s parent requests a reasonable accommodation to address the student’s disability or medical condition. Such requests shall be provided in writing and submitted to the Principal for approval or;
  • The wearing of clothing in compliance with the uniform dress code violated a student’s sincerely held religious belief. Such students and student’s parents shall submit a signed affidavit to the Principal setting forth the religious issues and the requested exemption to the policy.
  • Cold Weather: ONLY if the HIGH temperature of that school day is going to be 69 degrees or lower, students will not be required to wear school uniforms for extreme cold weather in the Royal Palm Beach area. The temperature will be determined by Administration based on WPTV Channel 5 weather forecast. Students may wear jeans, sweatpants or uniform pants. No leggings or skinny jeans are permitted.  Students must wear sneakers for recess (K-5) or a PE elective.  High temperatures of 70 degrees or higher will require students to be in dress code. Administration reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time.


Discipline consequences will be enforced.  Parents/guardians will be contacted to bring in proper attire if your child arrives at school out of dress code.   Please check your child before leaving home to avoid any problems.


Cold Weather
Use WPTV Weather to check the forecast.